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Hosted Solutions 

Hosted Solutions Offer Flexibility and Cost Savings

Ready To Move To The Cloud?

Enjoy the work-from-anywhere, no-hardware-required convenience of ESP Computer Consulting Cloud Computing Services. More and more organizations are moving IT services and business applications to the cloud to take advantage of the many benefits Cloud computing has to offer, including reduced burden on your IT resources. You get everything you need instantly without high upfront costs or long installation times. Plus, you get the flexibility of scaling to your specific needs without having to add hardware. At ESP, we will help you determine the most cost effective and practical hosted solutions for your business.

Securely Back Up and Sync All of Your Files with ESP

Backup and File Sync Cloud Services

Affordable plans to ensure you can access any file, any time and from any device

We work in a mobile environment, so it’s important that your files and folders are available when you need them, regardless of the device. With our new cloud-based mobile and computer backup services, all of your devices are securely backed up automatically, so you can rest assured that your files and folders are not only backed up, but the latest versions are available when you need them.

  • Continually syncs all of your work across all devices
  • Files are automatically added or updated in the cloud
  • Backs up all mobile devices and computers without interrupting your workflow
  • Includes all endpoints, including NAS Units and Servers for same price


Plans start at just $50/yr for 100/GB and unlimited devices. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and quote.

Security Services & Virtualization Planning

Discover, verify and remediate potential security threats to your business and network 

System Security Audits

How secure is your network? When is the last time you tested your cybersecurity defenses? Why not take steps now to protect your systems, your employees, and your clients from a cyberattack? You cannot fix what you do not know. A penetration test strengthens your defenses by revealing your weaknesses and recommending prioritized fix actions.

We offer full-spectrum cybersecurity penetration testing, from testing a single IP address or web application to full-blown Red Team engagements. As ethical hackers (penetration testers), we emulate hackers and cybercriminals by utilizing similar techniques to perform reconnaissance, identify vulnerabilities, and break into your systems. Unlike attackers, however, we play by our agreed upon Rules of Engagement (ROE). We cease the test before exposing sensitive data or doing harm to your environment.

Remote Penetration Testing
  • External Black Box (Unauthenticated) Network Penetration Test
  • External Gray Box (Authenticated) Penetration Test (typically against a web application)
  • Web Application Penetration Test
  • Social Engineering
    • Phishing
    • Spearphishing
    • Vishing
    • Digital Footprint Analysis
Onsite Penetration Testing
  • Internal Gray Box (Authenticated) Penetration Test (can be performed remotely)
  • Internal Black Box (Unauthenticated) Network Penetration Test(can be performed remotely)
  • White Box Penetration Test (typically on products, such as medical devices)
  • Wireless Security Assessment (can be performed remotely)
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment (can be performed remotely)
  • Social Engineering
    • In-Person
    • Physical Device Plants and Drops
  • Physical Penetration Test

Consolidate Resources and add Efficiencies with Virtualization Solutions

Computer Networking Fresno

Virtualization dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your organization. Moving to a virtual environment can significantly optimize the performance of your server infrastructure, as well as better leverage desktop resources by consolidating resource pools and delivering highlight available machines to end users, ultimately reducing your overall IT costs by up to 70%. If your IT Admins are spending too much time managing servers rather than innovating, then virtualization should be considered. At ESP, we are certified partners for VMware and have helped many businesses plan out and deploy virtualization solutions to help them reduce costs and gain efficiencies throughout the organization.

About VMware

VMware is the most trusted virtualization for desktop, datacenter and application virtualization. VMware offers the highest performing and most scalable virtualization platform in the industry for even the most resource-intensive business critical applications at the lowest TCO.

Let ESP Computer Consultants help you determine how you can optimize your IT infrastructure with our virtualization solutions. Contact us today for a complimentary analysis.

Server Virtualization

Traditional physical Windows-based servers only utilize 5-10% of the underlying hardware capacity and virtualizing them typically allows for consolidation rates of 10:1. That means that one of today’s servers can power up to 10 virtual servers. This allows for tremendous cost savings in terms of consolidating server sprawl and reducing space, power and cooling needed.

An automated datacenter, built on a VMware virtualization platform, lets you respond to market dynamics faster and more efficiently than ever before. VMware vSphere delivers resources, applications—even servers—when and where they’re needed.

Benefits of Server Virtualization

  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Less space needed
  • Reduced energy used
  • More flexibility and server setup and disaster recovery
  • Less hardware and software to maintain
Desktop Virtualization

90-95% of your PC resources sit idle at any given time. Desktop virtualization allows you to separate the desktop operating system and all applications from your desktop computer which can reduce the cost of your PC ownership by 40%. All computing processes take place at the server level which is completely transparent to the user, but allows your users to access their needed files and applications across any connection and from any device—even mobile phones.

Benefits of VDI

  • Reduced PC desktop costs
  • Reduced energy needed
  • Great control of data and applications
  • Reduced maintenance costs
Application Virtualization

Application virtualization allows for greater efficiencies by detaching the application from the operating system. This allows for much greater compatibility, manageability and portability of the applications themselves. Applications take up tremendous amount of bandwidth and space on your desktops, but application virtualization allows for programs to be streamed on demand so that applications are not needed to be installed on the host as traditionally done.

Benefits of VDI

  • Dramatically improve security and support
  • Less maintenance and upgrade time
  • Less hardware power consumption and strain

Remote & On-site Support

We Can Support You Anytime and Anywhere

Fresno Computer Networking Support: Onsite or Offsite

When you need support, ESP can help, whether onsite working with your staff, or through our Remote Assistance Services. If you or any member of your staff requires support with software or general computer operations, Remote Assistance gives simultaneous control of a computer desktop to the end-user and ESP through a secure connection. Remote Assistance allows us to visually demonstrate the proper ways to navigate your network, operate a computer, or run specific applications. In most cases, Remote Assistance can save you the cost of an on-site service call. A virtual “hands-on” solution, Remote Assistance provides valuable time-saving information whenever and wherever it is needed.

Managed IT Services

Free Up Your IT Resources – Let ESP Manage Your Day To Day IT Services

Fresno’s Leading IT Services Company

At ESP, we understand that growing businesses are stretched for time, money and resources, and often everyone has to wear many hats. That is why we are able to offer our clients the peace of mind that their day to day IT needs are being managed, so they can focus on more important things. Contact us to see how we may be able to help you manage some, or all of your IT services.
Server and desktop management

We proactively update, back up, and manage all your computer and servers remotely. Every aspect of your network is monitored and issues can be spotted and fixed before they can cause any type of problem. You can rest assured knowing your vital data and IT systems are being monitored and protected 24/7.

Help desk

Get live support via telephone or through the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can speak to an ESP Computer Consulting employee if you have a problem. We can fix most problems remotely, so that you can be back up and running without having to wait for a technician to come to your office. We can help with server, desktop and network issues. Have an urgent problem? Call (559) 292-4800 to speak with someone right away.

Online support and emergency response

We provide regularly scheduled visits from ESP Computer Consulting engineers to perform routine service and optimization of IT infrastructure. We can also provide emergency visits for unforeseen failures, troubleshooting and repairs. Call or use our contact form to get the security your business needs.

client portal

At ESP Computer Consulting we make it easy for you to get in touch with us. Whether you want to schedule an onsite visit, or submit and track a ticket, you can do it all via your own online Client Portal. With this intuitive system, working with your dedicated ESP Computer Consulting team is easier than ever. To experience how it can work for you, contact us and ask for a demo.

enterprise laptop tracking and security

Know where your laptops are at all times

Reduce risk and IT costs with EXO5 with RemoteKill®- The leading solution to track and secure enterprise laptops

Laptop theft is a reality for any business that operates with a fleet of enterprise laptops. In fact, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. This poses great risk and cost for your organization, not only in the replacement of the laptop, but the threat of data breach. The average cost of a major data breach can reach $6M.

Protect your business and assets with EXO5 with RemoteKill®, now available through ESP Computer Consulting. Affordable and easy to deploy, EXO5 offers:

  • Real time Tracking to effectively manage your laptop fleet
  • Instant encryption of compromised devices with or without a network connection with RemoteKill®. Reverse the encryption just as easily if the device is returned
  • Improved productivity for your IT staff
  • Prove compliance with audit logs

ESP is now fully licensed and certified for EXO5! Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and quote.

General IT Services

General, Business and Small Business IT Support

At ESP Computer Consulting, we know technology and how to put it to work for your business. Our engineers are local and are ESP Computer Consulting employees – we never outsource. Our project management and dedication to helping make our clients successful is why our customers keep referring us and using our services over and over. Let us help you with some of your IT and small business IT needs.
Computer upgrades and migration
Whether you need a new email server or you need to upgrade all of your laptops to Windows 7, we can handle all of your migrations and hardware upgrades. Call us with your project details or use our contact form and we will respond right away.
Network Design
We can help you build and design the ideal network for your office environment. We have seen an environment just like yours and we know exactly the best solution for it.
Security Assessments

Wondering if your network and data are secure? We have a leading practice of IT experts who can determine if you have any security issues and how to fix them. Fix security compromises before it can cause any serious damage to your business.

Contact us for a Security Assessment.

Computer upgrades and migration
Moving your office and all your computers and servers can be a daunting task. Just call or email ESP Computer Consulting and we can take care of the entire move and setup in your new location. We can move your datacenters too.
IT strategy


There are a lot of emerging technologies and ways to make your business run more smoothly and at a lower cost. We can help you build a strategy that puts these technologies to work for you. We provide strategic planning and help with emerging technologies.

ESP Total Solution

Fresno’s Complete Computer Networking Solution

Your Complete Network Solution

The ESP Total Solution is a family of services that focus on improving the performance and reliability of your network – so that you can focus on running your business. These services include network monitoring, remote assistance, software and anti-virus management, as well as incident tracking. The ESP Total Solution can be used as your primary network management solution or as a backup to your existing staff. Contact us to work out a customized plan to meet your needs.
Network Monitoring

The primary service, Network Monitoring, allows the remote monitoring of your network, 24 hours a day, for early detection and prevention of system failures. Once indications of a potential failure are detected (failing hard-drives, backup failures, virus outbreaks, etc.) our engineers immediately take measures to correct the problem.

In most cases a situation can be resolved off-site in a timely manner. However, not all issues can be resolved remotely and may require an onsite technical visit. In these cases an appointment will be scheduled.

Incident tracking

The Incident Tracking database enables you, or designated users, to personally initiate contact with ESP technical support. Issues are reported and logged through an online web interface. A response and “incident number” are provided and technicians are immediately notified. Personal contact is made via email or telephone, then the appropriate response and measures are taken.

This provides thorough tracking of any problem that may occur on your network, as well as the status of its resolution. At anytime the database can be accessed to examine past and current issues to determine any recurring problems, or as an effective management and problem-solving aid.

software management

Software Management keeps your system and critical software up-to-date with the most recent service packs, anti-virus and software updates. Studies indicate that the majority of network problems and downtime are the result of outdated or incompatible software. We personalize a database of your existing software applications and operating systems, and remain constantly informed of updates. Once a necessary new release is reported, we prepare for, and schedule, its installation. Implementation of upgrades is accomplished remotely, during nonworking hours, providing you with uninterrupted operation and seamless / trouble-free assurance of the latest necessary operating software.

Remote assistance

If you or any member of your staff requires support with software or general computer operations, our Remote Assistance service can help, while you remain at your desk. Through a secure connection, Remote Assistance allows you, the end user, and ESP, to assume simultaneous control of a computer desktop. Remote Assistance allows us to visually demonstrate the proper ways to navigate your network, operate a computer, or run specific applications. This procedure is only made possible when you grant a ESP engineer access to your workstation, eliminating any chance of uninvited access to your network. In most cases, Remote Assistance can save you the cost of an on-site service call. A virtual “hands-on” solution, Remote Assistance provides valuable time-saving information to whom, and where, it is needed.

Business Phones (corporate ComTek/vPhones)

Fresno Phone and Telecommunications Solutions

Affordable, Reliable Telecommunications Solutions For Your Business

No matter the size of your business, ComTek Business Communications will help keep you connected at an affordable rate. So if you’re searching for an honest communication company or a network solution you can rely on, contact us so we can get started right away. From voice and data cabling to fiber optics, from standard phones to VoIP, ComTek Business Communications can get the job done.

Fresno Phone and Telecommunications Solutions

Is your business ready for a better phone solution?

Our VoIP plans can save you up to 75% and our experts support your transition with 24/7 customer service

Website Development

website Design, Hosting and Management

IT Website Design and Development Services

ESP is partnered with Jonesen to offer our clients full website services. If you need a site designed, or even just a refreshed look and feel, let us help! For over 10 years Jonesen has been providing professional graphic and website design, multimedia creation, and website management at an


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